Turning Personal Problems into Global Solutions

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I immigrated to the US with $200 and the dream of becoming a medical doctor. Shortly after starting pre-med, I joined the US Army to serve the country that had given me the opportunity to achieve my dream. Sadly, just two years into my military service, I was medically discharged, after being diagnosed with a rare disease of the retina, Stargardt’s. I was also declared legally blind by the state of Illinois.

After months of depression, I was forced to switch majors to Engineering, and despite many visual challenges, I graduated. I was very excited and hopeful that a career in engineering would continue to provide me the fulfillment of working in a field that offered a lot of learning and growth, but eventually this was not the case.

After 15 years of software engineering work with Fortune 500 companies like Nokia, Goldman Sachs, and IBM, serving billion dollar, mission-critical clients like NASA, the White House, and Boeing, my engineering career also ended with the diagnosis of two additional rare eye diseases, cone dystrophy and rod dystrophy. The experience of having multiple rare eye diseases is quite disruptive, similar to having multiple computer viruses.

The hardships of losing my careers to visual impairment inspired me to invent Think and Zoom, a solution that uses brain waves to provide hands-free visual augmentation and reading assistance to visually impaired people.

Additional demo videos are available here, here, and at www.thinkandzoom.com.

Think and Zoom is now a patented technology and has grown into an ecosystem of visual impairment solutions to make life better amongst the 20 million Americans facing a 70% unemployment rate and 300 million people worldwide facing a 90% illiteracy rate.

Think and Zoom offers solutions ranging from early detection through innovative games, such as Kenti, to streamlined diagnosis, experiential education, and immersive mentoring. Kenti iOS, a brain-powered game, is a winner of the 2015 Apple Developer Conference Award.

“Look, think and zoom into a bigger, brighter future!”

Connect via web: www.zubyonwuta.com or thinkandzoom.com or on social media @zubyonwuta and @thinkandzoom.

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Legally blind ex US Army & IBM, Founder @ Think and Zoom, Inventor of “Brain-control for blind Assistive Tech”, TED Speaker, Disability Advocate @ US Congress

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